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hair cut for boys  Regular cut: From spikes to shaves (wet spray).
The works:
Fruity shampoo wash, cut & style.
No snip: Shave it all.
Just a trim:
Simple trim around the ears.

hair cut for girls Regular cut: From layers to bobs and straight cuts.
Regular blow:
Wash and blow.
Sleek: Relaxer, wash and blow (treatment included).
Treat it:
Treatment, wash and blow.
Bang trim: A simple trim across the forehead.
Party style:
Curls and updos; great for parties and weddings.

speciality hair cuts for kids  Baby's first hair cut & photo: Commemorate your babies first ever hair cut with a certificate of bravery, a precious lock of hair and a keepsake photo to show the grandparents.

Island style: You'll look like you have just returned from the islands! A
small section of hair (usually behind the ear) is wrapped in colorful |embroidery floss with beads and/or charms at the bottom.

Washout streaks (for boys & girls): Add a splash of your favourite colour
to the front or throughout sections of your hair for cool looking streaks. Immediate washout spray and semi-permanent colors available.

kids hand and nail treatments  Mini manis: Smooth and shiny, moody or matte, our range of colors will let you showcase your personality to a tee.

Nail designs: Add some extra special charm to one nail or all.


kids parties  For you and one to two of your friends. You /and your friend/s can enjoy a pamper party at our salon. A great idea for birthday or other celebrations!
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