kidstation hair salon for kids
Whisper, whisper never shout
Little Bubbles is about
She’s soft and gentle, never harsh
Gently add her to my bath
Stir my hand round carefully
Add warm water and I’ll see
Bubbles Bubbles everywhere
softly popping in the air.

Available in:
Banana, Apple and Butterscotch flavours
Bouncing, singing, having fun
Getting dirty, Squeak’s the one
To wash away my grime and dirt
And all it takes is just one squirt.
Use him on my cloth or sponge
To help get rid of yucky grunge
Then rinse down well and I will see
The cleanest kid around is me!

Available in:
Chocolate, Bubblegum and Cherry flavours
Looking cool and looking smart
I’ve got Spike to play the part.
Curly, straight, short or long
Spike is firm and really strong
Whichever style I choose today
Spike’s the one who’ll help me stay
Exactly how I want to look -
The coolest kid in any book!

Available in:
Banana and Bubblegum flavours
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